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Men's Gym Wear Online

Men's Gym Wear Online

Men's & Women's Gym Clothing Online

Men's & Women's Gym Clothing Online

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Women's Active Wear Online

Virtus Clothing Men’s & Women’s Gym Wear & Quality Workout Clothing Online Store

Here you will find our range of men’s and women’s gym wear and workout clothing. Ranging from T-back singlets, hoodies, tank tops, shorts and more, from the gym to the street our apparel has been designed to stand out and last every workout.

Our men’s & women’s gym wear has been put though countless hours of vigorous testing in the gym, incorporating bodybuilding routines to ensuring complete comfort, style and strength.

You can find out about all our up and coming collections, competitions and specials at and on Instagram virtus_clothing. You can also visit our fitness blog page for training and nutrition tips.

Virtus Clothing is proudly owned and operated in South Australia & been offering Men’s & Women’s Gym Wear since 2015. We offer flat rate postage on all orders, including international deliveries. You can rest assure all payments made secure with Paypal with and your information is kept private with secure SSL protected checkout process.

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